Playground Update - April 12, 2016

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Exciting Update For the New Playgrounds


The Win Ferguson Playground Committee is very excited to announce we have chosen Blue Imp to provide our two new playground builds. We have determined that the Blue Imp designs align best with our needs and wants. We have chosen option one for the front and the back playgrounds based on value for our money and survey results.  The survey results were as follows:

48 Blue Imp

2 Playworks

1 The Playground Guys

(note: 50 results total, someone voted for both Blue Imp and The Playground Guys)

We have set up a meeting with Debbie from Blue Imp to continue on to the next step in the process.   The packages are almost complete and we will be able to start applying for grants shortly.

We wanted to acknowledge and address the following comments from the survey:

Breaking up of the asphalt.  Answer - “We will not be breaking up any asphalt.   Space requirements for the swings will come from the grass portion.”

Low enough equipment. Answer - “Equipment has standardized height requirements so we cannot make changes to that.”

Monkey bar styles. Answer - “We have a variety of monkey bars in the design.”

Color of equipment. Answer - “We made the decision to stick with the colors in the designs because they are bright and appealing to children.”

Wood chips or sand. Answer - “We made the decision to use sand due to cost and because students love to play in the sand and thus, it has play value for children.”

Teeter totter and special needs swing.   Answer - “There is a weeble totter in the design. We will look into having a special needs swing added to the design.”

We are very excited to move forward and will keep everyone updated along the way as we have more information. Thank you.

Win Ferguson Playground Committee


To See the Blue Imp Proposal, click here Blue Imp Package

Option 1 has been chosen for the front and back playgrounds.