2017-18 EIPS Parent Survey: We Want to Hear from You!

Elk Island Public Schools (EIPS) is committed to ensuring all parents and guardians of students within the Division have a chance to share their thoughts on the overall performance of their school and the Division. One of the ways EIPS ensures its parents’ voices are heard is by conducting an annual parent survey.

Win Ferguson Elementary encourages all parents and guardians to take a few minutes to complete the brief online survey. It will only take a few minutes and will help to supplement the Division’s Accountability Pillar Survey data. 


Survey closes March 23

The feedback gathered will help the Division measure its progress towards meeting the goals and priorities outlined in the EIPS 2015–2018 Three-Year Education Plan and develop strategies to better serve its students and the wider community.

NOTE: The survey is anonymous and only takes a few minutes to complete. If you want to share the experience of more than one child attending an EIPS school, simply complete the survey again.

Thank-you for your participation.

Pre-Enrolment Process March 1-15, 2018

Parents must have a PowerSchool Parent Portal to complete the process.

The pre-enrolment process for all current EIPS students who will be returning next year will take place March 1-15.

Effective for the 2018-19 school year, EIPS is changing the registration system for returning students to a new pre-enrolment process. The pre-enrolment process allows the Division to verify all student information for every child prior to the start of the new school year.

If your child currently attends school within EIPS and will be returning next year, you will be contacted at the end of February to confirm your child’s enrolment in a school for the upcoming school year using the online Returning Student Registration Form. At that time, families can indicate the school their child plans to attend; apply to attend a non-designated school, if applicable; and update any required student information—such as phone numbers, addresses and emergency contacts. If circumstances change, families also have the ability to update their child’s data at any time throughout the year. This eliminates the need for the Correction Forms that were sent home with students each September.

To be considered for a non-designated school in 2018-19, you must make that request through the pre-enrolment process between March 1 and 15, 2018. The pre-enrolment process eliminates the annual Boundary Exemption Request Process. Now, returning student families who want to apply to enrol their child at a non-designated school can do so through the pre-enrolment process—acceptance is based on available space. Some EIPS schools have closed boundaries because of high enrolment numbers and will not accept non-designated students for the 2018-19 school year. 

NOTE: All requests to attend a non-designated school or out-of-boundary program for returning students in grades 1-12 must be completed during the two-week pre-enrolment process to be considered for the next school year. The only exception: Students who move into the Division from outside the geographic area, or another community within the Division, following the deadline. All families who apply to attend a non-designated school will be contacted and advised of the outcome in April.

School Council/PTA - Meetings for 2017-18

Take a moment to check out the great things our School Council and PTA do for students at our school. Because your child goes to WFG, you are automatically a member of the School Council and PTA.

Check out the School Council/PTA website link at http://winfergusonparents.com/

Join the Win Ferguson School Council and PTA meetings to get involved in the ongoings and decisions of our great school! Meetings start at 6:45 PM in the Learning Commons.

Meeting Dates: October 30, Nov. 27, Jan. 15, Feb. 12, Mar. 19, Apr. 16, May 28

All meetings are in the Learning Commons and begin at 6:45 PM.

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