Toonie For Terry - Support Cancer Research!

Students will be participating in our annual Terry Fox Walk, on September 30, 2016. The walk will begin at 12:45 PM. Keep your eye out for permission forms to be sent home with your child and details of the walk. All donations will go to cancer research.

New Report Card - Communicating Student Learning

Communicating Student Learning (New Report Card)

Win Ferguson Elementary will be implementing the Elk Island Public Schools’ (EIPS) new elementary report card in the 2016-2017 school year. Developed by EIPS, the report cards are designed to effectively report grades 1 - 6 student achievement and build strong partnerships among students, teachers, and parents.

The creation of the report card was led by the Communicating Student Learning committee. Made up of parents, teachers, administrators, trustees, and central office staff, the committee considered feedback from close to 1,000 parents and 400 principals and teachers producing a reporting system which focuses on student achievement in the areas of academic outcomes and learner attributes.

Within the new report card, teachers will continue to assess all areas of the current programs of studies. What will change is the way in which student learning is reported.

Using a 5 point numeric scoring scale, teachers will share student achievement in clear, “parent friendly” categories in each subject.  The current “EPAL” system will no longer be used. Additionally, the report card will also allow teachers to report personalized information about each student in relation to learner attributes, areas of strength, and ways in which parents can support students’ learning or “next steps”.

EIPS is excited about our new method of communicating student learning.  It’s innovative, inclusive, and based on what stakeholders indicated they want to see in a reporting system.

School Council/PTA


Win Ferguson School Council/PTA

Take a moment to check out the great things our School Council and PTA do for students at our school. Because your child goes to WFG, you are automatically a member of the School Council and PTA.

Check out the School Council/PTA website link at

Join the Win Ferguson School Council and PTA meetings to get involved in the ongoings and decisions of our great school! Meetings start at 6:45 PM in the Learning Commons.

List of Meeting Dates for 2016/17

October 24th; November 28th; December - no meeting; January 23rd; February 27th; March 20th; April 24th; May 29th; June - no meeting


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